Louis Dole
Louis Dole
Year: '06
Team: Yale

      *LOUIS DOLE, Yale 1906 competed with his twin brother, George, in the EIWA Championships from 1905-08 by competing in grad school.  He became a 3-time champion, by winning in 1905 at 125, then twice at 135 in ’07, ’08. In 1906 he was easily defeated at 145 while weighing in around 125.  In 1907, Dole’s finals win needed 28 overtime minutes on top of the traditional fifteen.

In 1908 Louis joined his brother in winning a National AAU Freestyle championship.

      After graduation, Dole taught at three prep schools until deciding in 1914 to theology and enter the ministry. His first assignment as pastor was in Urbana, OH before eventually working in Maine. Born in Michigan, he grew up with George – the league’s sole 4-time EIWA champion until the ‘70’s -- in Winthrop, Maine. Louis died in 1964 at age 79.