Peter Blair
Peter Blair
Year: '55
Team: Navy

      *PETER BLAIR, Navy ’55 never started in high school as a 5’6” lightweight but eventually placed EIWA 3,2 at 177 then won two  titles at Unlimited, two NCAA titles at 191 and a bronze medal at 192 at the 1956 Olympics. His two EIWA titles came against an NCAA 2nd, his sole defeats vs. NCAA 2nds; in three NCAAs his sole loss was to a 2-time NCAA fourth. Pete avenged it two years later (9-1). As a freshman at Nationals, he upset the #2 seed from Iowa State.

      Blair graduated Granby at 16 and grew seven inches during two years at Navy Prep. At 177 early at the USNA, he moved up to 191 as a junior. His record as a Midshipman was 57-5 with 31 falls. He was a senior captain and earned the Academy’s prestigious Thompson Award.
      Ensign Blair trained at Navy for the Olympics. He won National AAUs by pinning five straight, then went to Melbourne. Team captain Blair won bronze by losing to champion Takhti, Iran (Olympic 2,1,2,4; World 2,5,1,1,2 from ’51-64) and silver medalist, Koulaev, Russia (World 2). Blair served in subs, ships and USNA classrooms, retiring as Commander in 1974. He joined Pacific Ordinance and Electronics and worked in Taiwan and Brazil. In 1981, he joined Marinette Marine Shipyard and became VP, Marketing, passing away in 1994.